Monday, February 15, 2010

Mera College Mahan !!!!

VPM a.k.a Very Political Minded has never been a college to me. It has been a place where i go in the morning and i come home in the evening with problems and Stress. It has never been a day that i went with curiosity except the day of result. From the day of admission till now things above have been the same.
I never thought that the college would turn out this way.

There are two things by which you can almost dominate the college
1--money--u pay a lot of donation
2--fame--u know the principal personally
The principal is a paisa khau. He may not even hesitate to ask you donation. During Admission times he might utter the words atleast 108 times a day.

The whole staff there think as if they are working in a multi million company who get paid in lacs. They are obsessed with their own jobs-which is good actually. But not when you  need to have a work done or you need some info. You need to be a expert in letter writing if you want to have your work done here. You need to write application for each and everything.

Attendance is a mind boggling Game here. U need a lot of iq to get rid of this. I have it, so i am helping you out.
1) Get into any sports or cultural activities and just give a letter to the teacher that u r in...ur whole month attendance is filled.
2) Become a good friend of the GS and you are done.

Forget about changing your college if your XII & passing cert. Is with the college. U Need to visit the college daily @8 (the time the college watchman arrives) or early for Atleast a month for them to return it back. If u need to get admission to a different college...then the principal wants you to bring a student who can fill in your place.

U dont even have the right to get ur xam report card unless u pay Rs 25 !! 25 rs for the report card...u may have got an idea how bhikari the college is.

The college canteen and the campus is the best place to hang out with....these sentences dont match my college profile. The canteen is smaller than my house bathroom. Campus....does it even exist ??

College fests are cheaper than my birthday party. The only advantage of these fests are that i get a holiday.

VPM college official

My blog has more info on the college rather than the official site.